In the 1940s, when the Swedish industrial designer Alvar Lenning first developed the icon kitchen machine, now known as Ankarsrum Assistant Original, he focused on three principles: quality, functionality and design. The kitchen machine soon became very popular in Sweden, and subsequently abroad.

The Ankarsrum Assistent Original is a lasting friend in the kitchen that in generation after generation, faithfully kneads, grates, whisks, mixes, pipes, presses and minces. Since the 1940s Ankarsrum has made continuous improvements, always with a focus on quality, functionality and design, which makes the machine stronger and more reliable than ever.

The kitchen machine now comes in several different colours and with a wide range of accessories – everything you might need for success in the kitchen. So that you can be absolutely sure that your Ankarsrum Assistent Original works perfectly, Ankarsrum tests each individual machine before it leaves the factory in the town Ankarsrum in Småland in southern Sweden.