Nordic Ware was established in Minnesota in 1946 by Dotty and her husband Dave that just had returned from duty in the second World War. With a capital of just 500 dollars, a small handful of products were launched, all of which were specialty Scandinavian ethnic cookware products, such as the Krumcake iron.

Since then, Nordic Ware has sold over 70 million bakeware pans across the world. The production still takes place in Minnesota and the company is still family owned. Nordic Ware is the world leader in premium bakeware products and definitively has the largest selection of designs, shapes and sizes.

The reason why the bakeware from Nordic Ware has such vast variety and details on their forms is that they are casted, instead of pressed like most other brands. In addition, the products from Nordic Ware are whenever possible produced in the USA and by using American raw materials. This contributes to the amazing quality and explains why many of Nordic Ware products come with a lifetime warranty!