Stasher Inc was established in 2015 and is located in California, USA. The idea for Stasher came to Kat Nouri, the founder and CEO of Stasher Bags, when she realized she was providing organically grown food for her kids and then putting it in plastic. So she rethought food storage, and came up with a reusable, BPA-free silicone alternative to plastic zippy bags that you can freeze, dishwash, microwave, and even use in the oven.

 “Your food is way too good for plastic — so we created Stasher bags from pure platinum silicone. An easy, healthy choice for you and the planet.

 Today, Stasher has become a leader in the plastic-free movement, fueled by a powerful grassroots following and passionate employees. Stasher is a 1% for the Planet business partner and takes pride in accountability. The company supports non-profits in environment conservancy and female empowerment through philanthropy, volunteering, and community activism.